Custom Submit Interaction Button & Drop states

Apr 18, 2013


I have created a freeform slide with a drag and drop interaction. Basically, I have 3 dragable shapes and 3 drop targets (with only one item in each drop target). The 3 shapes have "drop correct' and "drop incorrect" states. I have the "Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted" enabled.

When I use the standard Submit button, the interaction behaves how I want it to. The states will not change until after the user clicks Submit.

However, when I try to use a custom button to submit the interaction (with a trigger), the item drop states do not change after clicking on the custom submit button.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix/workaround or am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks,


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Kenneth Minnich, M.Ed.

For anyone visiting this thread, here is the workaround: simply don't use Storyline's "Drop Correct/Incorrect" states. Instead, create your own RIGHT & WRONG drop states for your drag and drop objects, then use triggers to change them manually.

Here's an example workflow:

1. Create a state called "DROPPED" for each drag/drop item.
2. Create states called "RIGHT" and "WRONG" for each drop object that will serve as replacements for Storyline's default "Drop Correct/Incorrect" states. You can use the same graphics that you would use for Drop Correct/Incorrect states.
3. Create a trigger on the base layer to change the state of each drag object to "DROPPED" when the user drops the object into your drop target. You'll need to do this for each drag/drop object.
4. Create another trigger when the user clicks your custom Submit button to change the state of each drop object to either "RIGHT" or "WRONG" if the state of the object = DROPPED. You'll need to do this for each drag/drop object.