Custom Volume Control?

May 18, 2012

Is there a way to add my own custom volume control as opposed to using the one in the player? 

I'm doing all my own custom buttons and nav for a new project so I'd like to "claim" the bottom space that that volume indicator requires in the player.

I'm guessing probably not, or maybe eventually with the SDK, but I thought I'd ask.

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Steve Flowers

Unfortunately, custom volume controls aren't accessible via the player or variables. You could build your own Flash-based widget to control volume. Here's a widget example for muting audio. This only works in the Flash output:

Paul Wijnen

I created a SWF file with which you can load external SWF files. With this SWF you can adjust the volume of the loaded SWf files.

It would be great if I could trace/read the volume setting of the Storyline player so I can use that also for the loaded SWF files.

Can somebody help me with that maybe?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allison,

Great idea and thanks for sharing here! You'll also want to make sure (if you didn't already) that you've shared some detailed thoughts here in the form of a feature request as those go to our product development team for review as they think about and plan for new features and versions of Storyline.

Ray Arkin

I'd asked the same question earlier today in a different post, and I'm very surprised that Storyline is so limited in it's ability to easily customize such basic features like volume control, or menu display. Although many basic controls can be assigned to custom buttons, there doesn't seem to be a trigger for volume control (or for displaying/hiding the menu). You should be able to assign any trigger to any Storyline control feature/function, that way be able to have a customized button/hotspot for it. I'm with you Allison---would be great to be able to customize those without having to recreate them.

Steve, Isn't there a problem with relying on a widget works only with Flash output in terms of devices/software that doesn't support Flash? Aren't there any other more generic widgets or add-ons for customizable controls (such as volume/vcr controls)?

All of this would be less of an issue if Storyline allowed you to fully customize the layout/size/position of any of their default controls---seems like such a basic idea.

I'll add my two cents as a feature request (thanks for the suggestion Ashley).

Mark Jenkinson

Hi, Here is a custom example: 

But this could just be an imported flash component so once again it 's not very satisfactory, you really would want html5 compatible audio controls and progress sliders available for multiple audio files on individual slides...


Cassidy Furnari

Hello, is there a way to move the audio control on the player? I have made all my own controls and closed captioning and the only control I can't make is the audio. However, it seems silly to have the whole player active for just the volume control. So is there a way to move the player audio control to another part of the player or slide?