Data Entry Fields Not Maintaining text formatting in the variable result

Mar 24, 2022

Hi., I'm using data entry text variables where the user types a narration in a data entry box with spacing expected between paragraphs.  The course enables the user to compare what they typed/created to an visual answer key of the narration on a slide layer.  I have a text entry trigger "Set Text Entry 1 equal to the typed value when Text Entry loses focus" When the user clicks a button to display their entry and compare it to what the narration should look like (taking the user to the slide layer view, formatting is lost from what they typed.  I cannot figure out why this is happening.   

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Mike Mullarkey

This did help.   I separated the "header" or "title" as it's own data entry/variable.  I am still trying to figure out the difference between our text entry box and mine and why yours will maintain the double spacing between sentences while mine won't.  Attached is what I've done and i can't seem to figure out why, when the type two sentences separated by a double-space, the result looses that formatting.  the Sub-layer contains what the user types compared to what that answer should look like below it. 

Robert Stryker

This response may be a duplicate as this discussion platform crashes regularly for me.

Your version did not include the line breaks when I tested it. I copied my working slide into your build and it lost the line breaks. It's almost like the file is corrupt.

It may be worthwhile to see if your software is up to date. There are lots of search results for: "storyline 360 text entry no line break." One staff response claims the issue was resolved with a recent release.