Date limit or password protect course


I'm looking into ways of protecting our courses from being illegally redistributed or accessed after a certain date. The two ways I have thought of so far are either to use the built-in JavaScript functionality to get a password from a server and having the user enter the same password to proceed beyond the first slide, or to disable any access beyond the first slide after a set date.

Is something like this feasible either through current features, or JavaScript inside Storyline 2? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Anjali Panakkat
Massimo Scali

I'm sorry to say that this is not a good solution if your goal is to provide the SCORM to the customer and make the course expire after a given time. The problem is that the JavaScript code you write in the Storyline project is perfectly readable and editable by the customers and thus they can change the expiration date whenever they want and extend the lifetime of the course. In other words, this solution is not reliable for you as a content provider.

The only reliable solution would be a core feature in Storyline but it seems they don't care about this because after 6 years (!) they haven't still provided it.

Hi Massimo! Do you know where this code stays in the published folder? It will be good to know so we can protect that file too before sharing the SCORM.

I agree that a core feature will be great. But until then.. Thanks.