Disable slider until timeline ends in layer - Storyline 360


I am using Storyline 360, and have an activity where I inserted a slider and 11 layers for each stopping point.  Each layer has audio and I want the slider disabled until the audio / timeline ends for each layer.  How do I do this?

I've attached the slide with the slider and layers.

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Tracy Parish

You could do this.  Add a transparent shape on each layer to cover the slider.  It can be seen not clicked.  Then when the media ends add a trigger that hides the shape.

I added one to the first layer, but kept the outline on it so you could see how it functions.


Melanie Nass

GEEEEEEENIUS!  Thank you, Tracy!  Just when I think I thought of everything, there appears one that NEVER crossed my mind!

Just so I know the correct answer, can this only be done without a creative work around?   If not, I'm going to suggest it as an enhancement to be considered on future releases.

Emily Ricco

Hi Tracy - This workaround doesn't seem to work anymore. When I add a transparent shape on the layer to cover the slider, I can still move the slider in preview mode. I was able to reproduce this in your example file and in my personal file. Is it different when published? Is there a different option to disable the slider?