Dispersed Workforce SME Contributions

Apr 06, 2021

Hi Team!

We have 6 brands enterprise-wide and various projects underway with many SMEs who will need to contribute, particularly with software simulations. I do not have access to the softwares or knowledge of how to use them. Rather than having them train me on the softwares to do the simulations accurately and timely it would be great to be able to provide temporary access somehow to a SME contributor.

How might we go about doing this? How have others accomplished this?

Thanks in advance!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Philip,

PowerPoint has a Screen Recording feature. I'm not familiar with it, but it's worth exploring. Then your SMEs wouldn't need to learn how to use the Articulate software. (Plus, it'd be a pain to temporarily transfer the license. You'd have to deactivate your copy, and each SME would have to download and activate the software -- but only one at a time. And they might need your login info.)

As long as you have decent screenshots of each step, you could manually create a sim-like experience. But not all software training needs to be done on a see-it/try-it basis anyway. Sometimes, a labelled graphic is enough.  

Philip Deer

Thanks, Judy! I haven't created simulation experiences before but I am being asked to do quite a few so I would have to see how it works and compare it to how it might work with PPT. I like the idea of using labeled graphics. They already have labeled graphics. Maybe I could improve upon them.

Thanks again!