Do not get Storyline 360 - Not able to insert sharp screenshots

It is 2021 now and we can't insert sharp pictures into Storyline 360... This can't be brushed off as a "feature request". I tried everything and still Storyline can't seem to show the original pictures. It's just laughable because Storyline has soo much good features and it is a real machine, but it can't do a basic thing like inserting sharp images. For companies, screenshots are used regularly in e-learnings, tutorials and manuals, so this is really concerning. Hope this get's fixed soon. (My images are smaller than 2048 x 2048 and still appear blurry "There is a maximum image size of 2048 pixels x 2048 pixels. Images that are larger than this will lose quality when inserted into Storyline, which may make them appear blurry or fuzzy.")

I'm definitely going to convince my superiors to switch development tool because this is crazy.

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