Does the Exit Course trigger do anything else?

Apr 12, 2023

I know the "Exit Course" trigger is supposed to close the browser window -- for example when the user clicks a button. But does Exit Course do anything else besides that?

I'm asking because I have a very similar issue as this older discussion: Exit Course trigger on SL3/HTML5

The solution described in that discussion is basically what we're trying to do:  using JavaScript to close the window when the exit button is clicked, instead of using SL360's Exit Course trigger. That's because we publish the course as HTML and store it in the cloud, and our website accesses it through an iframe. (We're not using an LMS.)

So, if I don't use the Exit Course trigger, is there anything the story will skip doing that it should do?


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Steven Benassi

Hi Jeff!

Happy to provide some clarification here! The exit button also calls Javascript commands. If you’re comfortable programming in Javascript, the capabilities and results should be the same. Also, the ‘var EXIT_BEHAVIOR’ can be modified to best suit your LMS needs.

This resource explains more about the similarities between the exit trigger and Javascript:

You should not lose out on any extra functionality by omitting the exit trigger from your course!