Drag-and-drop activity where correct/incorrect is based on specific location of draggable object

Jul 23, 2021

Hello everyone, 

I have a question regarding drag-and-drop activities. I have tried to figure this out on my own, and I think I have a solution but I'm hoping someone can let me know if there is an easier method. 

Ideally, I want to sometimes have drag-and-drop activities where the user drags a certain object (a shape, image, etc.), but whether or not they get the question right is dependent on whether or not a specific point of the image/shape intersects with another image/shape/location/etc. 

Please see my first attached screenshot as an example. There is a hand which is draggable, and the idea is that the user needs to drag the hand out of the way of the scissors to get the question right. I can use no fill/no outline/transparent rectangles to do this. The one that takes up the side of the screen where the scissors are is incorrect, but the one on the right side (without the scissors) is correct. I can set it so that the drop target for the hand is the rectangle on the right side of the screen (which would be correct).

The problem is illustrated in my second attached screenshot. If the user drags the hand to a location like that, then they would still get the question correct (even though it's wrong), because as far as Storyline is concerned, most of (or at least part of) the draggable object is located on the drop target.

The only solution I've thought to come up (my third attached screenshot) is to add an invisible shape (a line or a small rectangle at the very end of the hand [where the fingers are]), group them together, and make that group the draggable object. Then, I'd add a true/false variable where the variable will change if/when the object grouped with the image intersects with either of the main rectangles on the slide. And then I would use a trigger that sends the user to either the correct or incorrect layer based on whether or not the shape attached to the hand (rather than the whole hand itself) is where we want it to be. 

In my opinion, this is not ideal because then I lose out on certain built-in functionalities of Storyline's drag-and-drop feature, but it's at least something. 

If anyone has any other suggestions or has done drag-and-drop activities with similar concepts, please let me know! Thanks very much! 

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