Drag and Drop / Audio Files

Jun 05, 2020

I have a drag and drop that I created.  In the drop area I have an audio file that I want the learner to play then drag the correct name to the audio file.  Currently when I preview the page all the audio files play at once and do not allow me to click on the files.  

Is there a way to only have the audio file's play when clicked on? 

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Sally Wiedenbeck

Audio files don't automatically have a button associated with them on the slide, you have to set that up yourself.

1. Set up triggers to pause each audio file when the timeline starts:
Pause media (audio file name) when the timeline starts

2. Insert "play buttons" (an image, button or icon) for each audio file to your slide

3. Set up triggers for each play button/audio file:
Play media (audio file name) when user clicks (image/icon)