Drag and Drop centered positioning with overlaying objects

Aug 31, 2021

Hello everybody!

First I have to admit, that my english could be better, Im from Germany. I hope I can explain my request well enough.


I am currently working on an E-Learning-Application for music students. I want to create a drag n drop task, in which they shall take notes and signs and drag them to the right place on empty music lines. The notes are no problem, Thats working fine, because they are small enough. The signs are overlapping multiple drop-targets. So either I select the "centered drop" in the menu and the signs are realy hard to place at all, or I dont select it and many wrong positionings are going to be declared as correct.

My question is: Is there a possibility to just have a part of a Group be selected as the drag-item for the drop-target? I haven't found it yet. In this case I could attach an invisibe rectangle to the sign, that would fit into the drop-targets perfectly.


Hoping you can hlp me out


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Joanne Chen

Hi Frederik,

Yes, you can have only correct options dropped on the correct target. As below image, when you choose "a correct drop target", the object will only be dropped on the correct target and will return to where it was if drops on a wrong target.

And you might like to select "Free" for drop target options so that users can put on any position of a target without overlapping.

Frederik Frank

Dear Joanne,

thank you very much for the answear! 


In fact thats not my problem. The problem was, that if I select "free" as drop-options. My Drag-object overlaps multiple drop-options. So they get triggered. This leads to wrong answears being feedbacked as a right one.

In between I had a new idea how to build a proper alternative to my first aproval. And I like it even more.

Its with a multiple Pick freeform. On the same place there shall be 3 different answears, that can be chosen between by two extra buttons. I did find the trigger for hiding an object. Is there also a trigger for showing it again? i cant find it... That would be perfect. 

Thank you for all your replies!