Drag-and-drop next slide

Jun 04, 2021

I built a free form drag and drop with only three items to be matched up to the three choices. For the results, the incorrect default was fine. But, for the correct answer, I wanted to have an explanation as to why each was the correct choice. As such, I built three different layers with triggers showing the correct answer for the corresponding correct drop. The problem is that I can't figure out to to progress to the next slide once the payer gets all three correct. Typically, that would be done with a simple trigger telling the system to jump to the next slide. Not in this case since there is no predicting which of the three items the player will select as their last item. So, I added a 'Drop Correct' state to each of the three options, then built a trigger telling it to jump to the next slide when the state of all the callouts are 'Drop Correct'. That would work just fine except when you come to the last correct option, the system immediately jumps to the next slide without showing the final layer with the correct answer and reasoning why it's the correct answer. It's like I need a way to tell it to wait 20-30 seconds to give the player time to read the reasoning before it progresses to the next slide. Help! 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Stacey,

In the attached example I have created a three item drag and drop where the user is jumped to the next slide when all three are dropped correctly. As per your requirements, a layer is opened when each correct drop is achieved (in this case, each layer puts a green tick next to the appropriate drop box) and the trigger to jump to the next slide is placed on each layer and is driven by the state of each shape being Dropped Correct. By doing it this way, the order is which each shape is dropped is irrelevant. I have also placed triggers on the base layer to change the state of each shape to Dropped Correct when they are dropped on the correct target.

As the trigger jumps the user to the next slide when the timeline ends on the final layer, you can simply adjust the timeline for each layer to give the user sufficient time to view the contents before the jump takes place.

Hope this helps solve your problem, but if you have any queries, just get back to me here.