Drag and drop save answers

Jun 14, 2021


I am creating a course with many drag items and no correct answers, as a way for learners to reflect on how confident they feel in a skill by dragging it into different drop zones.

The learners would need to return to this resource several times through the year so my plan is to duplicate the activity slide so they can make a new attempt, whilst previous attempts are 'frozen' so learners can see where they ranked these skills before.

I tested the file in our LMS where the attempt was not saved at all when resuming the course, despite having the 'resume saved state' option. 

Is there a way to 'lock' previous attempts?

I don't believe I can do this with a results slide as there are no correct answers.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Brian Dennis

Great question. I believe you'd need to employ some custom javascript running inside a trigger early in the project to fetch the historical response data. Marking the individual responses in the quiz slides --- that's a whole other story. A hero like Mathew Bibby might be able to shed some light on the second half of the task, setting individual responses based on variables.