Drag and drop with exact borders

Aug 10, 2021

Hello lovely people!

I have an exercise where I need people to drop a triangle and a circle into a dropzone square. If they do this they get it correct.

However, I need the shapes to be FULLY inside the square to pass. 

At the moment I have it working, but if (for example) the circle is half in / half out, and the triangle has one point crossing into the dropzone square, it still marks it as correct.

Does anyone have a clever way to make SL say "if the shapes are FULLY in, then correct - otherwise try again"?


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Walt Hamilton

If the drag object touches the target, it is considered to be in the target. Probably what you will have to do is to place an invisible (filled, with transparency set to 99%) shape on top of the dropzone square. Make it small enough that the drag objects must be entirely within the dropzone to touch it. Then make it the target. You may have to fiddle with the Snapped dropped items to drop target options to get it to work right.

Ushwin Pai

Clever idea!! I will give that a go.
Can't use snapping sadly as it has to be free thought by the learner. 

Basically the question is "put the triangle on the square, and then the circle on the triangle". Some people will stack them on top of each other, and some will make it a tower.

If there's any snapping, it will give them an idea of where to place it.