Drag items snap back to wrong location after adding a trigger

Oct 24, 2021

Hi heroes,

I want to create a drag & activity with no wrong answers - users can drag items to a drop target, and the activity ends once they have X number of items on the drop target.

In Options, I checked "Return item to start point if dropped outside" to allow users to remove an item from the target and replace them. I created a counter variable and added triggers and conditions to each drag item, adjusting the counter.

The problem is, once I add the triggers to a drag item, it no longer snaps back to its original location, but to another spot (all items snap back to the same spot, overlapping). 

I attached an example of what I'm trying to do. Any help is appreciated - I'm not sure where to even start...



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Merav!

I'm happy to help! It looks like the image of the Dancer and the star are getting mixed up. When I exported the image of the star, I got the image of the dancer in black pants and a blue shirt. So I imported the image back onto the Slide, added the Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states, and then added the updated object in Form View. It looks to be working as expected. 

I'll attach the updated .story file to this discussion.