Draggable items on non-drag & drop freeform slides?

Mar 23, 2017

I know I can make objects draggable on a drag&drop freeform question.

Possible to make an object draggable/movable on a slide that isn't a drag & drop slide?

I'm wanting to make an instruction box that can be moved about the screen if it is obscuring the relevant portions of the screen. I could make a minimize interaction, but I'd prefer draggable if possible.

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Glenda DeHoff

This is just what I was looking for (thanks Richard)! However, I cannot get my draggable item to stick like Richard's. It always returns to its original position. I tried with a simple rectangle (thinking it was because the drag item is a group). I tried changing the revising state from reset to resume saved and automatically decide, but did not help.

Does anyone have a suggestion?