Driving theory test style video (click at specific points in video to score a point)

May 06, 2022


I'm hoping to create a slide where the user watches a fullscreen video and are asked to click the screen when they see a "problem" occurring (e.g, a health and safety risk), somewhat similar to a UK driving theory test video. For each correctly identified "problem" the user scores 1 point.

For simplicity, let's say there are three "problems" for users to identify ; the first occurs at 10 seconds, the second at 20 seconds and the third at 30 seconds. I'd like to allow a 5 second buffer zone for users to click (e.g for the first problem the user can click at any point between 10s and 15s and they will score the point)

So far I have inserted the video and overlaid a hotspot that I intend to use as the 'click-zone'. I'm experimenting with variables and triggers but I'm not having much luck. Can anyone help?




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Walt Hamilton

One option might be to use an invisible shape (no outline, filled, transparency >95%) that appears at 10 sec, and disappears at 15 instead of a hotspot. One trigger needed: Adjust variable Points add 1 to points when user clicks invisible shape. By duplicating the first state and changing the timing, you can use three shapes. Or, you can use triggers: Change state of InvisibleShape to Normal when timeline reaches 20 sec and Change it to hidden at 25, etc.

You will probably need to cover the video with an invisible shape that is always Normal to keep the video from stopping when clicked.

If the video starts with the timeline, you won't have to do any calculating as to when it has to be clicked.