Earning badges / Exporting badges - Storyline 3


I am working on some capsule made with storyline 3 in which we would like to include a badge to be collected at the end of the capsule by learners when they successfully completed a test. So the badge would appear on the last page of the storyline 3 capsule/module.

These capsules (html5) are set within an app.

I'd like to be able to export the badge from this last page of the storyline module into the profile of the learner in the app. The app is custom made.

Is there any badge earning system in Storyline 3 ? is it possible to extract... i did not find any information up to now

Any advice?


Anne Sophie

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Mario Ilama

Hi! Did you ever solve this situation?

I have a similar design plan and my approach is to have a all the lessons on a same Storyline file. Adjust the variables for each game complition and add a central menu that can become your start point to a. view badges b. select scenes for the game.

This way you dont need to link badges but create a badge board with states, a state for earned (using variables for each scene) and a state for empty. I am still prototyping this, you can email me if you would like to collab at milama@mobilize.net. (:

Best regards!