Essay Questions

Hi all,

Can anybody help me with the above please? I want my learners to demonstrate what they know by writing prose in a Essay Question slide. 

I am using GrassBlade LRS but this slide does not seem to store the pupils' response anywhere. Where are their responses meant to go? Presently, it seems as if it is a box they can write in that doesn't actually save their text anywhere. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for your time and help!


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Aaron Leary

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for this! Stephanie's work is fantastic but I'm not sure that it solves my problem. As I'm working with children I need to see what they have said in order to give them feedback. As far as I can see, my articulate lessons are not sending the pupils' writing from an essay box or data box to my GrassBlade LRS, which is where I planned on seeing their comments.

Has anybody successfully configured the above so you can capture all of the prose or notes written by your pupils in an LRS?  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aaron,

It may depend on your LMS if you're able to see and find a report on that type of information, as every LMS chooses how to handle the data Storyline sends and provide reports on the information. The quiz data sent to an LMS is detailed here, and you may also want to review this article on troubleshooting common LMS issues. 

Aaron Leary

Hi Ashely T,

Thank you for the updates. Can you clarify a couple of things for me please?

1. Is the quiz data generated and sent on a slide by slide basis within a complete lesson? I say this because I have several activities in each of my lessons, several of which are quizzes in different formats. In this regard, the only statements coming through to my LRS are user has 'experienced' an activity, not 'this is what they said' or 'this is their score'. The troubleshooting post suggests changing the tracking to another variable like pass/fail but what if each lesson has several pieces of content that need tracking in different ways, like a pass/fail test and written text that also needs recording?   

2. Are you aware of any issues where Articulate Storyline and LearnDash are used together and negatively affect the kind of statements that are sent?


If these statements came through to my LRS, it would be great, but they are not:

  • id: Storyline sends a series of data for this string to identify the Scene#, the QuestionDraw# (if applicable), and the Slide# in that particular scene or question draw.
  • type: This is the type of question (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, etc).
  • student_response: This is how the learner answered the question.
  • correct_response: This is the correct answer for the question.
  • result: This designates whether the learner answered the question correctly or not.
  • weighting: Articulate content doesn't currently utilize this item. It'll always be set to 1.
  • latency: This is how long it took the learner to answer the question.
  • objective: Articulate content doesn't currently utilize this item. It'll always be set to 0.

If you have any further knowledge on these questions that would be really appreciated. 

Many thanks,


Phil Mayor

If you have the question assigned to the results slide you are reporting on then the data should be sent to your LMS.  The caveat here is that the survey questions are often LMS dependent, some will limit the number of characters allowed others will just not pick up any meaningful data.

I would first test in Scormcloud and then open a support case with either Articulate or Learndash based on these results

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aaron,

As Phil mentioned, it'll depend on each LMS system and how it interprets the data that Storyline sends. I haven't heard of any specific issues with Storyline and LearnDash - but I also always recommend testing content at SCORM Cloud as it's an industry standard for testing SCORM Content. 

Aaron Leary

Hi Phil and Ashley,

Thank you both for your replies. I have obtained an example lesson from somebody that does successfully send the 'text response' to my GrassBlade LRS. Interestingly, the text box is a right/wrong box where the pupil can type what they like however, a specific answer is required for a statement of 'pass/fail' to be sent, along with the actual text inputted by the student. 

I am still at a loss of how to configure a data entry box or an essay form to send the pupils' writing to my LRS. I want to use these types of text input to see what the pupil says, not if they are correct or incorrect. This is definitely an articulate issue, and my own lack of knowledge, as both LearnDash and GrassBlade have successfully recorded the pupil's writing when the text box is a 'pass/fail' type of box. 

Do either of you know how I can ensure that a data entry box or an essay form are calibrated into the results slide so  that the pupils' text is sent to the LRS?

Many thanks for your help guys!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aaron,

I'm not sure I understand the "pass/fail" box you're describing - but it sounds like you mentioned it was set up and worked in such a way to score it and provide the students answer? 

I do not know enough about the different LMS systems to determine how to set this up for yours, but if you have an example that works and can reference the .story source file as you develop yours - I'd look into working specifically with that one, and then as I mentioned continue to test at SCORM Cloud as well to help determine the limits/expectations of the SCORM standards. 

Aaron Leary

Hi guys! The plot thickens....

As far as I am aware Articulate Storyline enables content to be published with completion tracking in either of the following ways:
  1. Completed when x amount of slides are viewed
  2. Track using quiz result.
I was having problems getting the students’ written responses to come through to GrassBlade LRS but managed to fix the problem by switching to option 2 above when publishing. This fixed the GrassBlade issue but has now caused an even worse issue.
If I utilise option 2, I get great data in my LRS however, LearnDash won't recognise the lesson as complete, when ‘mark as complete’ is selected. If however, I switch a lesson back to option 1, LearnDash enables the lesson to be marked as complete but I get unhelpful ‘experienced’ statements in my LRS as opposed to the far more desirable ‘pupil said ….’
Does anybody have a .story file they could share with me that finishes with a result slide and therefore can be published using option 2. I'm sure I'm not configuring my results slides correctly and this is what is causing the issue with LearnDash. 
Again, thanks for your help. 

Aaron Leary

Hi Ashley,

For the benefit of community knowledge I'd just like to share my findings. 

Since Articulate Storyline released V2 the Tin Can content publishes via V 1.0, not the 0.95 that it used to.

If I upload Storyline 1 content via xAPI to LearnDash and track completion based on number of slides viewed everything works fine. If I upload exactly the same content but publish it from Storyline 2, LearnDash will not allow me to 'mark lesson as complete' with the button provided in the LMS.

So far my problem is still unresolved. :( 

Bruno Cozzi

It seems Aaron and I have a similar requirement and I'm not seeing a clear answer to his question. We have 2 types of assessments that need to be considered: (1) Multi Choice or computer-assessed questions which articulate handles brilliantly, or (2) essay-style or free-text questions that are marked by a human assessor reading the learners responses. It's not clear that articulate quizzes. And then even if essay style questions are handled, they would be treated as an interaction in an XML file and therefore, I don't think students would be able to use rich text attributes such as fonts, bold, bullets, indentation or even line breaks. What if the student needed to attach a photo or video to prove participation in a practical task? How would the assessor be assigned and notified. We can do all of this, but had to develop it outside of SCORM or Tin Can. It would e nice if those types of assessments could be included somehow into quizzes. Is it possible now? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bruno! You are correct, this would not be possible and you are welcome to share your thought/idea with our product development team here.

If someone needed to attach a photo or video, perhaps they could upload the content and share a link in their response. I know that is not ideally what you are looking for.

Hopefully others in the community have some ideas or suggestions to share with you as well.

Bruno Cozzi

Thanks Leslie, Understood...

As I mentioned we developed it as a separate proprietary web application, which we call a Free-text assessment, so we can use a slide developed in articulate with a link to our web app. On clicking it the student is directed to an environment where questions, answers and comments can be processed in a workflow between student and assessor using rich html editor web controls with the ability to attach documents, images and videos, The assessment has a draft and release mode enabling the student to work on the assignment until ready. Then the pre-assigned assessor is notified and can use any number of grading systems to mark the assignment and provide comments. The grades are combined with any articulate quiz to give an integrated set of results. Students can be granted multiple attempts within limited timeframes. Attachments are linked, enabling the assessor and the student to share additional content. Student and Assessor can work back and forth until the assessor determines a result (pass / fail) has been established. It would be nice if our solution could be integrated into a results page more holistically, enabling our clients to select it as a Quiz type within the Storyline development environment. At the moment they have to switch out of Articulate, into our solution, set up the two environments separately, then used a clumsy link to swtch to the Free Text option. It does work, but it could be a lot better.


ubong ekpo

Hello everyone, I need help with exporting essay type questions for annual tests into wordpress. Currently using WPCourseware which doesnt seem to work. Anybody have an idea how I can do this? The test results will be reviewed and marked which is why I need themexported once the user clicks to finish in the storyline quiz through the browser.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Ubong -- 

Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! If there is anyone in particular in the thread you would like to reach specifically, please use the 'Contact Me' link on their profile page (as they may no longer be subscribed to the thread). 

Also, you may find the information in this thread on using Wordpress plugins for Storyline to be of some assistance, particularly Brian Batt's response that shares:

Just a quick heads up that the plugin now supports Wordpress Multi-site:

Please let us know if that helps or if you still need assistance. :)

Richard Housler

Hello everyone. Using Articulate 360 is there now a way to build an essay question and have that entered response be transferred to an LMS? Under question options, I see no essay option. Basically, they read a document and then provide a write-up response that an instructor will need to grade.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Richard,

You'll find the option for an Essay question under the Survey type. 

If you add a Survey results slide after the Essay question, the Essay response data should be sent to your LMS.   I'd recommend reaching out to your LMS Administrator to find out what options they have available for reporting and data analysis.

Connie Turner

Hello Everyone,

We are creating course content with SL3. We are using Learndash as our LMS. We are using Learndash quizzes to assess rather a student passes or fails our courses. We use Storyline questions as exercises throughout a Storyline course, but we don't retain the students answers to these questions, but we need to. We publish our courses to Web (not LMS). For the puspose of capturing StoryLine quiz answers we are considering a purchase of GrassBlade LRS and xAPI Companion. 

With all this in mind, I did not see where the issue that Aaron originally was working on was ever resolved. Our requirement is similar to what his was. We need to capture student answers to Articulate Storyline text / essay questions. If / when a student leaves our site in mid-course and later returns we need to be able to retrieve the previously recorded essay question answers (I assume we need an LRS for this) and reload them into the pertinent Articulate Storyline slides. If the student needs to go back to the slide with the essay question we need to be able to redisplay their previous response.

I would appreciate knowing  if / how others have done something like this. Is a LRS necessary to do this or is there some other way? I read the forum post with Stephanie's wonderful solution.

Thank you,


Anrik Jordan

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