Export all audio files within a project 

Aug 19, 2022

I apologize if this question has been addressed in another discussion.  I have a Storyline 360 Project where I would like to export all audio files within this project at one time, rather than exporting each audio file one-at-a-time.  However, I want each slide's audio to be in its own file.  In other words, I don't want one large audio file.  Is this possible?  I am using an external captioning service that needs just the MP3s.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Johnna Hodges

Thank you both very much.  I appreciate your time and thoughtful responses.  This helps some for which I am grateful, but the numbering of the audio files isn't helpful to aid in the placement.  Again, however, your suggestions have shaved off a few extra steps in my current process.  That is helpful.  


Luciana Piazza

Hi Johnna! 

I'm so glad that we could assist you with exporting audio files from your project! 

I understand you are looking to organize your audio files after you have exported them from the Media Library within Storyline 360. Unfortunately, you cannot bulk export audio files into multiple folders. They will export into one single folder. 

Have you tried naming each audio file to associate the audio file with the corresponding slide? This can help you after exporting if you are trying to find a specific file. 

(For example: Slide 1 Intro Audio,  Slide 2 Main Narration, Slide 3 Character audio, etc.).

You can change the audio file name within the timeline by clicking on the title text:

Let me know if this helps!