Feature Request Overview

As i do make feature requests now and then, and although i understand Articulate's reluctance of opening up status of feature requests to all users i do think the process is not transparant for loyal users. Especially when you notice that some requests are asked more then 5-10 years ago and there are no updates whatsoever. If we at least could see what requests are prioritized. And as said from a developer's point of view i do understand Articulate's reluctance opening this up, but from a customer's view i do not.

So i made a Feature Request Overview element in Storyline. Anyone can see what other users added and add their own requests. I am no Articulate employee, so this is totally not connected to actual feature requests. But next to adding new requests you can also add your vote to an existing request by clicking a row. Do not misuse it by multiple times clicking a feature, as then the reliability of how many votes a feature gets is lost. If a lot of users like this, i can add a change of the date to it..so we can see when a request was made. The date added now is the current date its added to this overview/voting system.


You can see it, and add your own feature requests and vote for existing ones here.

I really hope Articulate will make the feature request process more transparant then the need for something like this is gone.

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