Find/Replace Text-to-Speech content

Jan 22, 2021

I need to edit my text to speech with some replaced wording and also replace some text with 'creative' spelling to improve the pronunciation.  It is throughout the presentation, so dozens of Text-to-Speech scripts on dozens of slides will need to be reviewed and edited.  I tried Find/Replace, but it doesn't seem to search the text in the Text-to-Speech feature.  Is there an automated way to do this, or do I simply need to open each one and manually make the changes?

FYI:  I have the same text in the notes section, which I use in an additional tab in the training for those who want to read text.  I have been able to find/replace in the notes, but cannot simply copy over notes to text-to-speech (T2S) because I need the 'creative' spellings in T2S to force the voice into my desired pronunciation.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for sharing what you are working on. I'm glad to see that you are aware of the find/replace in the Notes section, but I understand that it's not ideal for your needs. With either decision, you will need to re-review the content and make additional edits.

I assume you're listening to the text-to-speech to identify the pronunciation updates that need to be done, so it sounds like you're on the best path and in the right place to make these adjustments.

I look forward to hearing from others that may have had a similar need and the best workflow for them.