Finding and inserting x-bar (mean) from symbols

Jun 16, 2020


I assume I'm doing something wrong because this should be simple - I just want to include the mean/ xbar symbol in text in Storyline 360. I've read the tutorial (which cheerfully assumes my eyesight is up to scrolling through reams of symbols - you might want to rewrite that tutorial to meet new accessibility guidelines) and tried typing the codes (#772; or #0304; - as advised on various sites to be the character code) with no luck. I also looked through the symbol, Webdings and wingdings fonts as being the most likely to have it. 

How do I include the mathematical mean symbol into text?

And for future, when I inevitably need to use another common symbol - how does someone too shortsighted too squint through the symbol selection do a keyword search on available symbols?

Many thanks :) 

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Millie Tice

I've tried this as well, but I'm having an issue where it looks fine in the editor, but when I go to preview or publish, the bar gets shifted two spaces to the right.  I'm creating modules for a statistics course and would also be interested in any tips for searching through symbol selection or using alt/hex codes.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Millie!

I'm happy to help! I'm seeing the same display on my end. I've logged a bug report to share with our team. I also tried changing the font, but that didn't do the trick either. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. I'll report back when I have an update.

Another small tip: You can type in the character code to find the symbol quickly. For example, the x-bar is 0304. I've created a gif showing you how to quickly find a symbol using the character code.