Firefox Picture-in-Picture


I am testing my companies courses in different browsers and found that Firefox has a Picture-in-Picture feature. This feature allows the user to expand the video outside of the module. 

This feature does not work on every video in the module and I would like to disable it. Has anyone run into this and does anyone know how to disable this option for courses in Firefox? 

Or, is this a function that can only be turned off by the user viewing the module in the Firefox browser? 

Thanks for your time. 

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Avinash Joshi

We use Microsoft edge at organisation level and after uploading the scorm we are observing a picture in picture icon in the entire course. It is annoying and is creating bad user experience. Is there a way to disable it at the time of course design. Like setting controls off or something? Because edge is used firm wide we cannot change the browser all employees are using or change any setting and apply at global level. Let me know if there is a work around to disable picture in picture option in the scorm setup

Rick Maranta

I am pretty late to the party in this discussion but I am also getting this in Edge and new versions of Chrome and a reviewer didn't like it (Doesn't bother me but people can get confused). A good workaround is to but a transparent shape over the video and you won't see it when you rollover the video. The only issue with that is that you can't start and stop the video by clicking on the video. But you can handle that with some variables if you want that. My videos are just playing in the timeline so that is not a problem.