First time user, seeing 2 issues with Next button interactions.

HEy Everyone,

 I got 2 issues I can't solve:

I have a Video that I've imported on my slide and I've set it to be full screen with controls enabled.

I have disabled the next button on the slide with a trigger when the timeline begins.

I have also shortened the video in the timeline at the end and I have added another trigger which enables the next button when the timeline ends.

The goal here is to have the respondents advance to the end of the timeline (or the end of the video in this case since the timeline only has the video in it so when the video ends the time line should end as well) and only then have the next button enabled so that they can select it and advance to the next scene. There are 2 problems currently:
  1. Even though I shortened the video in the time line by reducing its duration there, when I preview it it still plays for the full amount of time.
  2. When the video ends, the next button is not enabled even though I've setup a trigger for it to be enabled
This is how the setup currently looks like:
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