Flash Cards in Storyline 360

Hello, new here. 


I'm building a set of flash cards in Storyline 360 and understand a randomizer for the card questions is currently not an option.  I want to set up each question card as a new layer perhaps with up to 50 layers, with a button for "new card" to select the next card and a button for "flip card" to see the options.  Without a randomizer the learner will start to predictively know the next question/answer but we're starting here with baby steps.  The client would like a multiple choice option on the back of the card.  Client is curious about a score or some type of results output but I'm thinking that sounds more like a quiz and not flash cards.  


Example; learner clicks new card button to then see (front of card layer) "The sky is..." learner clicks flip card button to then see (back of card layer) "A. Blue, B. Green, C. Purple"  Client wants them to select a correct answer from the back of the card and receive feedback.  Not sure if a radio button or a text entry button would be better for the learner input.


So there's a bit to unpack here but thank you so much for your insights!

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Ben McKenna

Hi Karen - what you're looking for should be in the realms of *possibility*, but to my knowledge there is no native flipcard function in Storyline... so you or your client may have to make some concessions to the course's design.

I've put together this demo for you:


It uses a question bank, consisting of a number of multiple choice question slides. This means you should get question randomization AND LMS reporting (hooray!). However, it also means ALL of your questions are housed across separate slides NOT slide layers - so I highly recommend you're happy with your slide design before duplicating it (so you don't have to make updates to 50+ slides).

The flipcard animation is achieved by using the swivel entry/exit animations and pausing/resuming the timeline. Unfortunately the swivel animation includes a built-in fade effect, so it's not perfect, but it should be serviceable.

(Project file attached - feel free to use/modify it however you see fit)