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this is probably a quick yes/no response but is it possible to format text within variables? So say I have a text variable, is it possible to code some of that text bold, some italic, etc. From testing, when I copy out the variable into another application like MS Word, it just adopts the local formatting? Is there any way around this? I even tried using xml tags like <b></b> but no joy

thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Pat,

You can format the text within a variable in Storyline as you would format any other text, but that formatting may not keep if you set it up originally within a Word document that you then copy and paste into Storyline. Additionally, if you'll be referring to the variable later, you'll want to set the formatting within the reference too - it won't pull the formatting from the initial text entry. 

Occasionally if you click back in the text box, it will reset the formatting. So the best way to keep it is to lock the text box on the timeline. 

Bill Harnage

You can apply the attributes in the tool bar to the text field of variable text, but not individual letters of text because it's a dynamic field populated by the %variable%.  So you can add bold, italicize, underline, etc to the field.  Also note that special fonts, such as a handwriting font, won't render; it will default to a default system/web sans font.

This is similar to having to embed fonts in Flash to use special fonts for dynamic fields, but there's no way to embed in SL.  Not that I've found yet.

Brett Rockwood

My advice is to keep your variable text in its own text box and not nested within the body of some other text. I've gotten some very odd behavior when mixing the variable within the body of a general text box. Sometimes it works but other times I've had it change the apparent size of the font or not be WYSIWYG with different line breaks in SL vs the published output (something similar to what happens when you don't view at 100%). I find it pretty finicky.

Pat O'Connor

thanks for the replies everyone

Ashley, you state that you can "format the text within a variable in Storyline as you would format any other text". How do you actually do that? If I type in the Variable dialog dox and am entering text in the Value field, I dont have the ability to use the formatting comands on the interface. If I copy say bolded text in, the bold is removed so how do you do it?

Just to give some background I have created a tool that allows the user to copy and paste text into another application. It works perfectly except that I cant get formatting to work.

thanks again