Getting True/False to report specific values to LMS

Nov 04, 2021

I have a Storyline "course" that is serving as a Survey because of time constraints. It has a Yes/No question that identifies who takes the rest of the curriculum.  The score in the LMS report should be:  3=Yes and 2=No. Those values will allow managers to remove the 2s from their list and follow the 3s.

Any suggestions about how to set up question scoring and points so that it would report 3=Yes, 2=No to the LMS?

Much thanks!

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Judy Nollet

Why not just use a survey question and survey results slide? That would send the answer to the LMS. 

Otherwise, you could use your T/F question and Results slide with the passing score of 0%. Then let the managers remove the folks who score 0% and follow the ones who score 100%. Or vice versa, depending on how your question is set up.