Glossary - hyperlink to words in Storyline


Is it possible to have words hyperlinked directly to the glossary.  Meaning if a learner clicks a word within the training that happens to also be in the glossary, it will launch the glossary for the learner?

If not then how do the learners know what words are in the glossary, other then looking at a long list of words.  Seems hyperlinking should be a native feature and if so I can't figure out how to make it work.

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Tracy Parish

It doesn't seem to be something you can do.  Perhaps it's an idea to submit via feature request to Articulate.

I have seen folks create a glossary on a slide and then add a tab to the top of the player to that slide. You could then create a link from a word to that slide.  Depending on how many terms you have, you might want to break the alphabet into chunks (e.g. A-F, G-J, etc) and add the coresponding glossary terms to the different slides.