Google Analytics in Storyline


I have enabled Google analytic in a SCORM course developed using SL1 before 4 months.

I have enabled the tracking code after publishing and enabled the event triggers inside the story file.

Now, the report I got from GA is remarkable/immanence/no words to say....


I would like to share my experience with this here...

1. Geographic Location (city, contry, metro, etc...) where the learners have accessed and the number of learners metric in each location

2. What are the resolutions learners used (i have receive more the 150 resolutions monitors) among 1200 learners.

3. How many learners attended Quiz and How many skipped

4. How many of them are desktop users and ipad users

5. which OS learners used to view this course

6. who are the network service providers for them

7. which flash player version learners used to view the course

8. which browser has been used to view this course by the learner (with browser version )

9. what are the slides users spent more time and what the slides users spent less time (with slides title)

10. Sessions, page view and so on... no end....

this helped me to understand more about the learner , to develop provide even better courses.


Many Thanks to Storyline and Google.



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