Google Drive & Storyline files

Mar 12, 2022

I have a couple of questions, both out of an abundance of caution from a newbie. Our team is working on Storyline projects and need to collaborate on the files. Are there any known issues about Storyline files getting corrupted when stored on Google Drive?

And once assets are imported to the Media Library, are they at all dependent on the original file? I assume once they're there they're there, and if the original isn't where the Storyline file expects it to be, it would just lose the ability to update from that location.

Today we're basically keeping a .zip folder of assets along with the Storyline file on Google Drive, and pulling all of that down each time to work on locally, zip back up and put back on Google Drive. If we could eliminate the zip and assets traveling with the file each update, we'd save a little time.

And PS - thank all of you in this incredibly helpful community. I've already gotten so many ideas and simplified so many challenges by lurking here. I hope to repay the favor when we have more experience!

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Taylor Maruca

Hi Angie,

If you need to share a project file with another developer, the recommendation is zipping it first. Then you would share that zipped file via email, external drive, network drive, etc. Sounds like your team is already on the right path!

Working in something like Google Drive can cause file corruption. This article is a great resource for best practices when working with Storyline.

Angie Seaman

Thanks! We'll continue to zip up the files before they go to Google Drive. We always work locally and ensure that all the pieces are also local.

Re. the media library - do we need to continue to zip up the original assets along with the Storyline file as we move them back and forth? I think my main question here is, if the Storyline file is moved independently of the source images/videos/audio files, is it going to get confused looking for those original files? Or does the Storyline file stand on its own with all the media it's using? Hopefully that makes sense.