Grouped objects and animation

Feb 04, 2022

I often group objects then add an animation effect to the group. For example to combine text images and a coloured block to cover a key point. Since the animation is applied to the group when you ungroup to carry out any edits (e.g. change the image) the animation is lost. This means you have to re-apply all the animation settings to the re-grouped object. For one object this is annoying but if you have a few of these grouped objects on a slide it becomes even more frustrating.

So is it possible to edit a grouped object and re-group while keeping the animation settings intact? Maybe this is a potential feature request or maybe I'm missing something! Anyone else find this frustrating?
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Judy Nollet
Hi, John,
You can select individual items in a group to revise them. Perhaps the easiest way is to expand the group in the timeline, and then select the object you want to edit:

The image above also shows another option: Instead of using a picture and a text box that have to be grouped, you can use 1 shape. Fill it with the picture, and then adjust the margins as needed. 
If you just want a colored block, you can fill the text box with a color, and adjust its margins as needed to get the spacing you want. Here's an example: