Guidance needed with show layer

Good morning,

I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to set this up properly. I've got 4 menu objects with hotspots that must be reviewed in order. I want a message to display to remind them of this if they click out of order. I've got triggers set on three objects with different conditions set. So the trigger is set up like this: Show layer X when user clicks hotspot if variable1 = False. Then some of the triggers include OR other variable = False.

The only checkbox I've got on the layer is keep user from clicking on base layer. Otherwise, there's just text and an Exit button.

What's weird is one of the menu items is firing the layer but then it closes right away and moves to the first slide in that scene. The other two menu items, when clicked, is not opening the layer at all.

I'm going to go eat something and clear my head! If you see something in obvious in what I've done or omitted, I'd appreciate the help.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Cheryl -- Many thanks for reaching out with your question here! Might be most helpful for others to chime in to assist if you were able to share your file. 

All you'd need to do to upload here in the thread is click on the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and browse from there!

Walt Hamilton


If the segments have to be viewed in order, I favor controlling when the objects appear (unless, of course, part of what you are teaching involves the user being able to choose the correct order.) Take a look at the restricted portion of the attached sample. No need for error messages. The users just click and go. These buttons jump to slides, but could just as well show layers.

Pierrette MacLeod

Hello Community:

I've come across an issue with two slides both in different scenes where I have multiple layers on both with Triggers via hotspots to move from one layer to the next.  On two slides in particular when I preview the slide it works fine, but if I preview it by scene, one of the triggers is taking me to a different slide rather than a layer within the slide itself.  I've checked all the triggers but I can't seem to figure out what's happening.