Jul 17, 2022

I am struggling to get quiz question result to submit. I've tried the player submit button, when that didn't work, I created a submit button and turned off the player submit. At one point Q5 worked but when I added a Submit button on the slide, it stopped working and stopped allowing me to even click on T/F. Any suggestions. 

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Judy Nollet

The Submit button on a question slide should not submit the quiz Results slide. It should submit the current question slide. For example, this is what the Submit trigger would look like on a multiple-choice question:

Storyline automatically creates the appropriate Submit trigger when you insert a graded-question slide. If you want to use a custom button on the slide, it's best to just copy the trigger from the default Submit button, and paste it to the custom button. Then adjust the Slide Properties to turn off the default button.

You can find lots of basic info and tips about question slides and results slides in the User Guide: 

Judy Nollet

The "Submit Pick Many" trigger should only be attached to the Submit button. You need to delete that trigger from all the pick-many options. 

The only thing that should happen when a user clicks one of the options is that the object should change to the Selected state. It would then change back to the Normal state if the user clicks it again to de-select it.

  • You don't need any triggers to make that happen. Storyline does it automatically for objects that have those built-in states. 
  • And Storyline automatically adds a Selected state to an object when you indicate it is an option for a Pick Many. (You can edit the Selected state to get the look you want.)