Help needed with Multi Select Quiz in Storyline

Hi there,

I've created a Multi-select quiz in Storyline and its just not working for me.   

In theory, i need it to work like this:

  • Incorrect Responses (3 x different incorrect Layer responses trigger when selected that each include audio as soon as incorrect option selected)
  • Correct (only the correct response triggers the correct response layer that also includes audio).

In aiming to achieve this, I have:

  • Created 3 x Incorrect Response Layers (with audio) that are  triggered to show when the state of the object backing is selected.
  • 1 x Correct Response Layer (with audio)that is triggered to show when the state of the object backing is selected.
  • The FROM VIEW only branches to next Question when the correct response is selected, otherwise Previous Slide if incorrect response.
  • Trigger for Submit Pick Many when the user clicks submit.

What is actually occurring in Preview:

  • Invalid Answer (stating you must complete the question before continuing).
  • None of the slide layers are working as planned.


Note: I have attached the full publication and the issue starts at section 7.4 (Question 3) and continues in section 7.5 (Question 4). 



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