Help, Storyline has stopped working!

I have recently had issues with Storyline, where I was importing a PPT into Storyline, I would then try to click on a slide and received the 'Articulate Storyline Error Report'.
I have tried several different ways to get Storyline to work, then I noticed that it even happens when I just try to create a 'New Project' on its own.
I have uninstalled both Storyline and Articulate, then re-installed them both, and have ended up with the same results. I can't create a 'New Project'.
I've added the 'bug information' that I received when the Error Report appears.
Am I missing something, why has this suddenly happened?

I am using the latest OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0.18363.0
Last Update Revision Number: 1646

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