Help to troubleshoot surgical tracheotomy interaction

Jun 02, 2022

I have made a course where the interactions are part of performing a tracheotomy in order for learners to understand the procedure and what the patient goes through. 

It works fine when I preview it in Storyline 360, but it doesn't work properly in Articulate Review. Some people get stuck and can't drag the objects etc. and for others, it works. 

I have used variables in order for the pages not to go to the next page as soon as the object intersects the incision lines, and I have looped parts of the timeline to create a continuous animation of the incision lines.

Also, the course seems a bit "jumpy".

Can anyone spot what I'm missing, doing wrong or have any other suggestions to improve the interactions?

See it here in Review:

Please find attached the original file.     

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