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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jeff! 

It sounds like you're interested in allowing learners to highlight on-screen text while they're taking your course. While that's not a feature currently in Storyline, I'd be happy to pass your idea along to our team! 

And if you can tell us a little more about how you'd like that feature to work by submitting a feature request, that would be even better. 😁

Hugh Gardner


  While I don't think the software can currently handle the students selecting any words like you want, you could choose key words they need to find and create a way to highlight those (invisible boxes, that when clicked on make the highlighted word appear by changing the state to visible.  More limited, but functionality that might be of use.  

Jeff Momsen

Hi Hugh,

Funny you should mention that! A colleague of mine and I do plan on using a knowledge check that instructs: "In the following sentence there is a word or phrase that makes this statement false. Take a moment to consider what phrase that is, and then click on the statement to check your answer." (and then the selected State will have the phrase highlighted). So as a skill check, its great.

We still were hoping for something as a reading highlighter like we remember from college (oh so many years ago). :)

I look forward to seeing what the development team comes up with.