Hotspots: restricting areas to not be full screen

Aug 25, 2022

I have a hotspot question and set up the hotspots on an area of the screen (a graph). When the user clicks anywhere outside of this area, they receive Incorrect feedback. 

We have bespoke Previous, Exit, Glossary buttons and, if the user clicks these, the Incorrect feedback displays.

Is there a way of defining the hotspot clickable area?  (I've tried setting up two hotspots (one correct, and the other to catch all incorrect within the graph).

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Math Notermans

This might be a bug. Used hotspots before...and this is new.

Wherever you click in the hotspots question you get the whirling wheel.... 


Couldnot find a way to change that wheel or disable it...gonna try a freeform hotspot now.

Freeform has the same behaviour alas.

Got a workaround though...using plain hotspots and create your own interaction :-)

Walt Hamilton

I’m not where I can make a sample or test this, but here’s my suggestion.

Create a hotspot that covers the whole slide. Place it under the Correct hotspot and the Prev, Next, and Glossary buttons. Give it a trigger to show the incorrect feedback and delete the “clicks outside trigger.” If you want separate feedback for a click on the wrong spot on the graph, put that hotspot under the correct spot, and above the bigger one.

The higher hotspot should intercept clicks and keep them from the lower ones, but I saw a post recently where that didn’t work that way. If it doesn’t, substitute shapes for the hotspots. Be sure they have a fill color, and set their transparency to 95 - 99%. (I read very recently about a 100% transparent shape not intercepting the click.)