Hover state does not display tables!

Apr 07, 2022

I've just discovered that the nice tables I pasted in Hover states of my buttons won't display in preview mode or when published.

Is this a bug?

To reproduce, just paste a table in Hover state of any object.


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Tom Kuhlmann

Perhaps one of the support people will jump in and provide a better technical answer, but you will notice that tables themselves don't support hover states. I assume it's because of the nature of how tables are created inside Storyline since they're not normal objects you draw. Thus, copying that table into a hover state probably isn't supported for the table feature.

Pierre Jouan

Thanks for your answer Tom!

The problem is you can copy tables in the hover states and it behaves OK until you preview your slide.

I understand tables are not ordinary objects (and SL crawled when there were many of them on the stage) but I'd rather not be able to paste tables in states if that won't work afterwards...