How Do I Make the Cursor Change to a Hand When Hovering Over a Hotspot in Test Mode Simulations?

In Storyline 1, I made a screen recording and inserted it as a Test Mode simulation. I know in Try Mode, you can turn the feature of turning the cursor to a hand when hovering over a hotspot, but I do not see this feature in Test Mode. If I right-click a hotspot, it gives me the option to "show hand cursor on hover," but if I enable this it still does nothing, Any support is appreciated. Thanks!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lee,

I just did a test of a test mode screen recording and the hand will show on hover when that option is enabled. Can you confirm you are working locally with your files? has this happened before, or is this the first file this has happened to?

You could also share the file here if you would like us to take a look.

Lee Millard

Hi Emily,

I was still having trouble making the hand cursor appear when hovering over hotspots in a Test Mode recording (even though this option was checked in the contextual menu for the hotspot). But what I did find, was that I could create a new hotspot on the slide in the same location, then go into the Form View of the slide (I have since upgraded to SL2) and check the new hotspot to be the correct one. Making sure this new hotspot has the Show Hand Cursor on Hover checked, this workaround worked for me. Again, this was in a Test Mode recording, not Try Mode. Thanks.

Irina Chekhova

For those who struggle the same issue - hrer is a solution for SL3:
1. Adjust the trigger: Submit Hotspot interaction when user clicks Submit button -> Submit Hotspot interaction when user clicks Hotspot

2. Delete submit button from the player

3. Right-click on the hotspot

4. Select "Show Hand Cursor on Hover"

5. Repeat on every hotspot slide of your test.