How do I transfer Articulate 360 Projects saved on hard drive from old work laptop to new work laptop

Oct 25, 2021


I have Articulate 360 installed on my work laptop and have projects spanning back to 2019. This laptop is quite old so I have received a new work laptop to replace this one. 

How can I transfer my projects from my old laptop to my new work laptop so that when I install Articulate on the new laptop I will see all my projects? I have published a number of courses on our LMS but I don't want to loose my .storyline projects.

Thanks in advance





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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rae,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are working to accomplish.

Your Storyline 360 files should be stored locally, which is what we recommend. The .story project files are not part of the software installation, so you will need to move your files to your new local machine manually. 

Your IT Team may back up your files and transfer them on your behalf. If not, this workflow may help you get started.