How to find where In-Use Screen Recordings are being used?

May 29, 2020

I am updating a project in Storyline 360 for recent UI changes which require new background and visual changes so I am replacing various screen recordings.

I deleted unused Screen Recordings that are no longer relevant on the Record Screen menu, but a few remain that are labelled IN USE . If I try to manually delete these from the Insert Slides screen, the "In Use, cannot be deleted" message is given. 

However, I've trawled through my slide sets, and cannot find where these Screen Recordings are being used. 

Is there a way to find out where these Screen Recordings labelled IN USE are being used in my project that I'm missing?

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Mick Lee

Thanks for your reply Lauren.

I've checked the Slide Masters and can't see any screen recording usage there.

The story file may have been initially developed in Storyline 2, the screen recordings appear to be early test-run recordings that aren't used in the current slide-sets. 

As a test, I inserted the recording into a new slide on a new scene, then deleted the new slide then the new scene to see if there was perhaps a stale usage linkage in there. However, the recording remains tagged as "In Use"

Is it possible to send a Story file to you directly rather than as a public discussion attachment, as it may contain some private IP.