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Mike Enders


At this point, there is no means of renaming a state, but here's a bit of a workaround.  http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/14900/86387.aspx#86387

Renaming does sound like a great feature request!  If you'd be willing, please chime in an let us know your thoughts:



Daniel Servan

I think the software doesn't want us getting an error when renaming states. That's why the software offers the best solution by adding a duplicate feature. If you made a mistake, simply duplicate and write the correct State name as many of the heroes here suggested. I think no need a feature request at this time. Maybe when the dev team has nothing to do, we can request this feature. my 2 cents :).

Erin S

I respectfully disagree, Daniel. If there is room for error with renaming a state, then why can we rename a variable without a problem? In my opinion, changing a variable can cause much bigger issues. (Of course, I did not develop the software, so maybe I'm wrong from that standpoint.) At least with a state, it's only on 1 slide, where the variable can be used throughout the entire course. 

I'm in the middle of a building a course where it would cut down on development time dramatically if I could simply rename a state. Is what it is.. so feature request, here I come! ;) 

Anna Bearne

I agree with everyone above.

I'm changing the names of states that are involved in multiple actions/triggers. When I duplicate the state to be renamed and delete the old name, it changes the trigger to 'unassigned'. So it's not just more work to rename the state, I also need to go and correct all the actions...