How to Scroll Large Image

Hello guys,

My problem is I have a large, portrait sized image in a slide, with small text that needs to be legible to the user. I put a zoom button on the base layer, that opens a second layer.
However, the image, even occupying the whole layer, is still too small because of the portrait orientation.  I can´t figure out how to scroll the page up and down, so it could occupy the whole width of the slide. Tried the scroll panel, but it seems it only works with text.
Any ideas?

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

After you set up your scrolling area box, drag & drop your picture on top of it. You should have already put the picture in the stage space before you drop it in. You can then select the part of the image you see that's inside of the scrolling area. Then use the arrow keys to move it around while inside of it.