HTML Export Question

Apr 01, 2022


I’m on my knees begging my company L&D department to purchase Articulate 360 licenses for my team. Now I’m getting the “what’s in it for the rest of the department?” question.

Can I export a custom interaction, or any interaction for that matter, to HTML and have that code plugged into another HTML based course? My company uses a home-built HTML elearning authoring tool that produces Level 1 HTML page-turner courses. Can I export 360 interactions as HTML and have it plugged into another HTML tool?


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Tom Kuhlmann

You can publish your file for web, upload it to a server and then use an iframe to embed it to your home grown authoring tool (assuming that's possible in the other tool).

I used to do some consulting with some NGOs and they have a home grown tool. What I found was the time it tooo to jimmy-rig, workaround, and fix issues cost more than the license of a more robust authoring solution. And the more robust solution opened up possibilities that the organization could never consider with their homegrown solution.