I Can't Get a Blank Layer

Feb 22, 2023

I'm trying to add a layer to be triggered from the base layer. When I add a new layer, the formatting from the base layer appears. Yet nothing shows on the Timeline of this new layer, so I'm not able to delete it.

This leads me to the problem of not being able to trigger a button on this new layer to bring me back to the base layer to continue with the interactions on the base layer.

Can anyone help me with this issue? I've read possible solutions but nothing seems to be working.


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Jill Berkhof

Thank you, Ron. I think I've been at this so long; I'm forgetting what my real issue with this layer is! LOL! 

When I try to add a trigger to the button on the layer, I don't get the base layer as an option to go back to. I need my learner to be able to watch the video on the added layer and then return to the base layer to continue with the course.