I need advice for creating basic software simulations

Jun 28, 2022

Hello everyone.

I have a project in which I have been asked to produce some basic functionality software simulations.

I've been working (and learning) a lot over the last few months and I have a good handle on how to edit a storyline file. I feel like I understand enough about how storyline works to clearly ask for some basic advice.

If you wanted to create a basic software simulation with the following requirements, how would you import your capture into your storyline file to get there with the lease effort.

Simulation requirements:

- The simulation must be as close to the User Experience in the software as possible.

- The learner must complete each element correctly before the simulation will progress to the next slide. (generally hotspots of text inputs with no submit button. The slide progresses when the learner has completed the elements.) 

- A help layer is displayed when the use clicks a trigger icon.

I know this is pretty basic and our org will be creating more complex simulations in the future, but this is the starting baseline we need.

I have been recording the simulations, then inserting them as Step-by-Step Test Me scenarios. I then edit the simulation to the slides I need with the layers I need. This is the way that has worked for me, but that's mostly because it's what I figured out when I was learning by working. That's how I learn best.

Below is a screen shot of the design tab. I delete any automatically inserted layers as we have our own custom layer for help and at this point we're not scoring simulation work.

If there is any more information I can provide, let me know.

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