I've created a light box scene of a multi-step process.

Jul 19, 2022

Having difficulty with lightbox navigation.

I created lightbox buttons (on the first and last slides) of the scene.

I triggered the lightbox to start on "next scene using navigation controls" which works fine.

On the last slide, I want to "hide" the navigation controls (and use the "Close light box" button, however when I trigger the next btn to hide when timeline starts, the Nxt btn on the MAIN layer hides, not the Next btn in the light box, and I can 't locate any instructions or examples that provide info on how to hide the next btn in light box. 

I don't want the learners confused about the navigation (regardless of the "close light box btn" because the "next" and "previous" buttons display on the last slide of the lightbox scene.

I also triggered the light box to close (and jump to next slide) when user clicks the "close light box btn" and that works fine.

Would love some insight on triggering here. Thank you!

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