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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Brian!

Is it possible to view all the icons that are part of the same icon set in Content Library 360?

Currently, there isn't a way to pull media from the same set. We're actively looking into how to improve search results, so I'll set this discussion to get updated with any new developments!

I got some good, grouped results when searching for 'arrow' icons and minimizing the zoom. I'm not sure which icons you need, but hopefully this thought can help!


Brian Allen
Katie Riggio

I'm not sure which icons you need, but hopefully this thought can help!

Thank you Katie for the response. In general I prefer to work with icons from the same set, which keeps things nice and consistent looking throughout my course.

It's definitely possible to eyeball and pick icons that look at least similar to ones I've already inserted into my course, but by far my preference would be to use icons from the same set whenever possible.

Another way this comes in handy is that oftentimes I will look at an entire icon set and determine if I feel the icons I need are included *before* settling upon a set, which keeps me from having to go back and replace some icons because I couldn't find enough that looked similar to meet my needs.

I hope this helps, and it's great news to hear that the Articulate team is looking into how to improve the search.

Expanding this beyond icons, it would generally be helpful to see images by the same author/creator, or images with the same model, etc etc

Katie Riggio

Hi Brian. I appreciate you asking such great questions!

Why don't icons appear in the media library?

The media library keeps track of images, characters, audio clips, and videos in a course. Because icons are freeform shapes, they won't show in the media library. 

For more details on managing a project's assets with this feature, check out this resource!

Is there a way to pull icons into the media library?

There is! You'll need to export the icon (shape) as a picture and then reimport the image version. 


Note: Saving a shape as a picture can cause it to lose its scalability and create a rasterized image.

Lastly, you nailed it on how to view an asset in the media library. One way is to right-click on the media on a slide and select Show in Media Library.

Seth Augustover

I'm subscribing to this thread with the hopes that arranging or searching for icons by sets will be added soon.  Or, perhaps provide a "show similar images" button to search for other matching icons. It would also be nice if other applicable search terms were displayed when looking at an image or icon. This way we can use those other terms as an idea of an alternate term to try.